Vehicle Tracking System And It’s Application

  • Author : tabmind |
  • Category : GPS/GNSS |
  • Date : 14 March, 2019


Vehicle tracking system consist of GPS/GNSS device for getting the location of vehicle in geo-coordinates. Location of  vehicle is required to send to the server so that user can check vehicle remotely, for the GPRS is used. SIM based data transmission method by which geo-coordinates of the vehicle is transmitted to the server.



Location finding of the vehicle is the primary objective of the system. Now day’s many more features are available with the tracking system.

  • Live track, Replay, Speed, Engine running status.
  • Sharing of Vehicle location via social Media (WhatsApp, Facebook etc.), Share URL
  • Route Management
    • Display Route while tracking or replay
    • Route Diversion alert
    • Creation of Pickup & Drop point with/without time
  • Halt Status
    • It will tell the current standing duration of the vehicle at that place
    • Halt Alert if vehicle taking halt more than specified time.
    • Halt Logs, it will log location and halt time if halted more than specified duration.
    • Halt Alert
      • When halt duration just reaches the specified duration.
      • When halt ends after exceeding the specified duration.
    • Capture Image
      • Take of vehicle in predefined interval
      • Take manually
  • SOS
    • If not responding for next certain duration (mobile)
    • If not responding until reach location (mobile)
    • If not in network area for certain duration.
    • If halt more than certain duration
    • Manual SOS
  • Alert Trigger Types
    • Engine On /Off
    • Over Speed
    • Geo Fence
    • Device Removed
    • All SOS
  • Notification Sending types
    • Mobile Push Notification
    • Email
    • Posting in social media
    • SMS
  • RFID integration with GPS for verification process.
  • Reports
    • Odd Timing vehicle running
    • Off day vehicle running
    • Images of certain time duration

For vehicle Tracking Solution there are many platform available. Like FindMyTrack